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Koinos Raffles represents a new chapter in the evolution of lotteries, combining transparency, impartiality, and real-world connectivity through the use of the Koinos blockchain and NFTs. The community will be at the core of the project, participating in the selection of drawing events and enjoying potential utilities offered by collectible NFTs.


Koinos Raffles is a revolutionary project that uses the Koinos blockchain to organize lotteries using NFTs (non-fungible tokens). NFT collections will be both consumable, participation tickets, and non-consumable, "Gamblers" as owned avatars.


The main innovation of Koinos Raffles lies in its transparency. The extraction of the winning numbers will take place on the basis of real events, chosen by the community itself, which will make the extraction completely impartial and reliable. The prize payment process will be fully traceable on the blockchain, allowing anyone to verify its validity.


Both types of NFTs will have some utilities. The Tickets, which are consumable, will be used to participate in the dedicated lotteries, while the Gamblers, non-consumable, will be used to have an identity within the project, in fact they will have special benefits and advantages such as discounts on tickets and rich exclusive lotteries. All of this will create a sustainable ecosystem where all users can benefit from participation.


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The gambler genesis represent the elite of gamblers as they are the first ever edition, with max supply still to be defined but certainly under 100. They will certainly have further benefits in the future and to thank the initial investors their initial price has been discounted .
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